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Tilt Table testing – TTT

Tilt table tests are done to investigate the cause of fainting and dizzy spells.

Preparation for this test involves fasting for 4 hours prior to the test.

There will be a nurse and doctor present during the test. Sticky dots and ECG leads will be applied to your chest so that your heart can be monitored. A blood pressure cuff will be placed on your arm. A small needle will be put into the back of your hand to allow the administration of any medication that may be required.

The test involves you lying on a table with a foot plate and a strap around your waist. During the procedure the table will be tilted so that you are standing upright on the footplate while your pulse and blood pressure are recorded. The tilt or “standing” part of the test will be performed twice. Once without medication and then when you are stood up again you will be given a medication which increases your heart rate.

If you have a blackout, or a near blackout, during the test the table will be lowered so that you are lying flat and you should find that you immediately recover.

Our department is completely equipped to deal with any emergency that may arise, but have found that this test is generally safe and well tolerated.

After the test you will be given a drink and small snack in the department. There should be no ill effects from your test; however we would strongly urge you not to drive and to arrange to have someone accompany you home following the test.