Welcome to Central Victorian Cardiology

6 Minute Walk Test

The aim of this test is for you to walk for 6 minutes as fast as you can.  The test is carried out on a flat surface in the corridor and does not involve walking on a treadmill.

On arrival your Blood Pressure, Heart rate and Oxygen saturation levels will be recorded by the Nurse or Cardiac Technologist taking you for your test. A probe will be placed on your finger and you will be required to carry a small monitor in your hand during the test. 

There is no discomfort involved with this probe. You may stop and rest during the 6 minutes if you need to.  The rest time is noted. Every minute your heart rate and Oxygen saturation level is recorded on a worksheet.

After 6 minutes you will then sit in the waiting room for another 5 minutes and your heart rate and Oxygen level will be recorded at 2 and 5 minutes post test.

The Cardiologist reporting on your test will look at the total distance you walked in the 6 minutes and whether your oxygen levels decrease with exercise.

You are able to drive home after this test.